2023 Ladies Sunset League

Welcome to the Sunset Ladies League!
2023 Programming will be available beginning mid-February

Tuesdays - 5:00PM Tee Times
Starting May 2nd through September 26th
9-Hole Individual Stroke Play
$95 Registration Fee ($65 if you already have a handicap)

Weekly Event Format Weekly Event Fee
  • Individual Stroke Play - Top 5 Gross & Net are awarded points
  • Players can request one "cart-ner" that they will ride/play with each week
  • Tee times and pairings will be randomized each week 
  • All scoring will be done via the Golf Genius Mobile App
    • Scorecards will be provided the day of as back up documentation
    • You may pick up after net double bogey


  • For each event, every player will pay the Hunterdon County Resident rate
  • $31 with a cart, $22 if walking 

Season-Long Competition

  • Individual Stroke Play
    • Points will accumulate all season, and the Top 5 overall finishers will win prizes. All prize money will be given out in Pro Shop Credit 
  • 2023 Ringer Board
    • Even if your scorefor the day isn't what you'd like, give it a good go anway to improve your ringer score. Your ringer score starts as your first 9-hole score and improves whenevr you score better on any hole than you previously had.

Event Points

  • Points will be awarded to the Top 5 in both low gross and net divisions each week
    • 1st Place: 5 points
    • 2nd Place: 4 Points
    • 3rd Place: 3 Points 
    • 4th Place: 2 Points  
    • 5th Place: 1 Point

Round Sign Ups

  • Each player will receive an email letting them know that sign ups for the next event are open. From this email you will be able to indicate if you are playing or not playing. If you sign up to play but cannot, you may log in to Golf Genius and remove yourself from playing that day. 
  • Event sign ups will close Friday evening. If you find out you are unable to play once sign ups close, you will need to infrom the Professional Staff so we remove you from the event
  • League members may invite up to three guests per year to play with them. Guests may play twice with the league, but if they would like to play a third time they will need to register for the league

Pairings & Tee Times

  • The pairings & tee times will be emailed and texted to each member 2 days prior to the event
  • The pairings email/text will contain your round GGID which allow you to lgin to the scoring app


  • Handicap revisions from the Friday prior to each event will be used to set each player's handicap for the upcoming event
  • New Members Without a Handicap
    • all new league members who do not have an established GHIN handicap will play each event as a 0 handicap until they establish one. To establish a GHIN handicap, you will need to play 54 holes in total, whether it be in the league or outside of league play
  • All league round scores will be posted by the Professional Staff at Heron Glen through the Golf Genius portal. Please do not post your league rounds on your own as it will input a duplicate score

Event Rules & Tie Breakers
USGA Rules will govern all play with the exception of our local rules

  • Local Rules
    • Environmentally Sensitive Areas - These areas are marked in yellow and/or red stakes with green caps. Players may not enter, play from, or retrieve their golf balls from these areas. There are drop zones on the opposite sides of these areas in which players may place their ball within two clubs lengths of the sign. There is a one stroke penalty.
    • Players MUST take full relief (swing/stance not touching plants) (without penalty) from the Environmentally Protected Areas.
    • Players may take relief (without penalty) to the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole when a ball comes to rest in an aeration hole
    • Balls must be played down in the bunkers. If a bunker does not have a rake in it, you may lift, smooth, and replace the ball exactly as you found it. If the ball comes to rest in a footprint or unkept portion, this is when you may implement the lift, smooth, replace local rule. If the ball has a poor lie or is plugged, this does not apply.
  • Ties
    • In the event of a tie, all ties will be decided by the recommended USGA rule of: Last 6-holes, if tie still remains, last 3-holes, then last 1-hole