2023 Senior Ladies League

Welcome to the Tuesday Ladies League
2023 Programming will be available for purchase beginning mid-February

Membership Benefits

2023 GHIN Handicap 
12 Distinct Events
Season-Long Ringer Competition 
Ability to Invite Guests to Join the Fun at the Resident Rate (limit 2 events per guest)

Membership Fee: $120

Prizes Awarded for Low Gross & Net

Event Schedule

May 2 - Welcome Best Ball
Be nice to your foursome! Best 2 of 4 balls count on each hole.
May 23 - Easy Peasy
Only scores from the 9 easiest Handicap holes will count.
June 6 - Hate 'Em
Before teeing off, circle 3 holes on your scorecard that you hate the most. After your round, give yourself gross par on those 3 holes.
June 27 - Hard Nine
Only scores will count on the 9 most difficult holes!
July 18 - NOSE Goes
Scores will count from the 9 holes beginning with N, O, S, & E.
July 26 - Mystery Holes (Wednesday Event)
There will be three mystery holes that will be dropped from your total score.
August 8 - Three Blind Mice
After play, there will be three holes that are blindly drawn. These three holes will be then thrown out of your score.
August 29 - Blind Draw
After the round, the Pro Shop will roll a dice to determine which holes will be eliminated from scoring. Six holes will be eliminated, per the roll of the dice.
September 6 - Wacky Wednesday
This event will be a two-women blind best ball, so you won't know who your partner is!
September 26 - Short & Sweet
Scores will count from the nine shortest holes.
October 10 - Long & Lovely
Scores will count from the nine longest holes.
October 24 - Stableford
Points given for Net Scores; Triple Bogey - 0 points, Double Bogey - 1 point, Bogey - 2 points, Par - 3 points, Birdie - 4 points, Eagle - 5 points, Double Eagle - 6 points, Hole in One - 8 points
November 7 - Two Women Scramble & Award Breakfast
Pick your partner wisely and tee off! Both players shall hit from the tee. The team then selects one of the tee shots from which to play, then plays from that selection. This procedure repeats until the ball is holed.