Better the Glen in 2019

Better the Glen in 2019 refers to all golfers doing their part on the golf course to ensure that the golf course remains in great playing condition all year long.

Heron Glen Golf Course Achieves River Friendly Certification
The New Jersey Water Supply Authority certified Heron Glen Golf Course as a river-friendly golf course for taking steps to improve surface water quality at its location in the Neshanic River Watershed, which flows to the Raritan River. Congratulations to Jason Pierce, head superintindent, and the staff at Heron Glen.

Some of the initiatives we all can take part in are as follows:

  • Repair your divots; fill them with sand seed mix that is provided on the golf carts. If there is not any sand mix available, then replace your divots.
  • Repair your ball marks; repair your ball marks on the greens and fairways. This will ensure that the golf course remains true. A properly repaired ball mark will heal in 24 hours while a ball mark that was not properly repaired can take up to 2 weeks to heal.
  • Rake the bunkers; the bunkers should look better when you leave than they did when you entered.
  • Enter and exit the bunkers from the low side. This will help protect the faces of the traps.
  • Maintain a 4 ½ hour pace of play; be mindful of the group behind you. If you fall behind, feel free to pick up and move to the next hole. 
  • Be courteous to other golfers; never hit until you are sure the group in front of you is out of range.

Hunterdon County is investing your dollars at Heron Glen Golf Course to make it a better place to play. Let’s all do our part to make the course a better place to play and learn the game of golf.

Hunterdon County and KemperSports are proud to introduce Better the Glen in 2019